Provided contracting, coordination and general oversight for the initial surveying for design, archeology exploration, and environmental investigation of the park site.

The New Downtown Park was been Discovery Green Aerial Renderingrenamed Discovery Green in October 2006. From the conception of the park to that date Tom, along with the project management services, contributed the 44-page web site that presented the contributors, community involvement in the planning stage, early plans and general communication of information to encourage the public’s involvement.

Neighborhood Parks

Tom served as the Technical/Contractural advisor to his wife Mary who was President and construction manager for the Davis Alliance Corporation — Mary and Tom’s company. DAC had a professional services contract with Clark Condon and Associates and M2L Associates providing construction management effort for 25 neighborhood parks. The parks included four with swimming pools and many with trails, special lighting, wetlands educational areas, restrooms and other typical public park amenities.

Some of the parks with the major improvements are listed below.ParkLocations440p

Clark Park – New Basketball Pavilion with lights; improved ADA access – Construction Management Services.

Hennessey Park – Rehab existing basketball pavilion; new lights; fencing; upgraded electrical service; new electrical enclosure; concrete walks.

Brewster Park – Rehab existing basketball pavilion; new lights; improved ADA access; new parking lot striping.Combined Bid Park Projects – Four Parks, One Contract

Haden Park – New asphalt trail; decorative trail lighting; one enlarged and one new playground; new plaza with drinking fountain; two new park entrances; expanded walks; new lighted gazebo.

Fresh Meadow Park – New concrete trail; improved ADA access.

Agnes Moffitt Park – New monument sign. Scenic Woods Park – New playground and new equipment; improved ADA access; new lighted gazebo; site lighting; new electrical enclosures.

Cliff Tuttle Skate Park – New skate park slab and equipment; improved drainage, sitework.

Mason Park Soccer – New soccer league field with lights and bleachers; soccer practice field; irrigation; and landscaping.

Sagement Park – Demolition and removal of all existing structures; pool, fencing; pavement; utilities and mechanical equipment and related elements; installation of new building; new pool; paving; fencing; chlorination systems; and mechanical and safety equipment associated with the pool facility.