Misc. Environmental Issues

Tom’s role in the issues below was largely as construction and project manager representing the project owner. Responsibilities included oversight of the quality control and staff safety measures.

Ghost tanksCIMG7800Many projects dealt with known plumes from former gasoline filling stations and tanks found when there where no tanks were expected. Proper disposal of the contaminated dirt and groundwater was necessary while being sure the contractor was protecting the public from exposure.

Site Preparation – A significant project was the preparation to sell a city parcel. To maximize the sale proceeds the City contracted with the Coastal Water Authority for the removal of a portion of the backfilled ash from an incinerator that operated in the early 1900’s. The ash had been dumped into a natural ravine that is now located just outside today’s central business district. The constituents of concern was lead and mercury. The upper 15-feet of contaminated soil was removed to meet residential standards.